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Thank you for visiting, hello, I’m a Vietnamese student, you can call me “Vietnamese student” as I want to be anonymous online. But this website is for everyone, frankly it’s not for Vietnamese, for some political reasons. As you may guess, I’m both Democratic and Republican, actually, I vote for John McAfee. He’s a great guy, in some way, in 21th century.

In this website, you’ll get up-to-date to my latest exploration and essays, experiments on C# (using Visual Studio, Android Studio, etc.), essays (for TOEFL basically) and much much more. I promise we will experience some crazy stuff, so crazy that you’ve never thought about.

I’ll update my post regularly, every day (I hope) on both Programs (C#-based) and Essays. I’m not good at both of these, but this site’ll keep me on developing my discipline.

This will mark my progress (if I do). I hope this help those who like me too.

Thanks again and HAPPY READING!

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