Mr.Sky, last year my English score was pretty low so I have tried to learn English all the summer till now. I learned 2-3 hours per day in the summer, now in school I spend at least half an hour per day (a little busy). But last week, I took a test and it was only 6 point. I don’t know what to do now. Maybe I’m not good and working-hard doesn’t help me much…


I’ll answer by telling you a story, OK? Once upon a time, there is a healthy woodcutter who was in a Wood Workshop. His boss hand him an axe and tell him to cut trees down. after the first day, the woodcutter brought back 18 trees. His boss praise: “Congratulations! Keep up the good work!”. This make the woodcutter very happy and want to do more in the next day, but he could only bring back 15 trees. After the third day, he tried even more, but could only bring back 10 trees. Day by day, the woodcutter cut tree lesser and lesser.

The woodcutter thought he had exhausted. Then he met his boss, apologized and told he don’t know what was happening. Now his boss asked: “When was your last time to sharpen your axe?” The woodcutter replied: “Sharpening the axe? I didn’t have time to do that. I was very busy cutting down trees…”.

You see, the more you cut, the less sharp the axe, despite all exertion, each cutting is getting less proficiency. The woodcutter worked very hard, but forgot the most important thing is sharpening his axe to cut down trees faster. If the “axe” here is the enthusiastic, hard-working than “sharpening” is the strategy, method to make consequence. Look at sport matches, you will find that coaches ask for break-time to discuss with his players. Of course that is the time to change the strategy. Similarly, take yourself a break, look back to your strategy, discuss it with your friends who good at English to have a better result. Maybe the old strategy doesn’t work for you anymore, try asking your friends, or participating in an English club!


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