You define me: “erratic, changeable, spawn werid likes in werid times”. That is me, easy to joy as well as sad, easy to forget as well as angry, energetic but fast to get dispirited. But isn’t that make our “picture” love more colorful? My characters are like a child, makes you complain: “Don’t know if I’m your boyfriend or your babysitter!”. I just give a chuckle: “Thanks to me, you now know how to take care of a child and love children without recognition, isn’t that good for you to become a admirable dad in the future?”. 

Maybe I’m a somewhat childlike, but I know how to take care of you carefully when you are sick, still cook you a bento or a soup though not as good as your mom does. On that, I just chuckle at your surprise. That is who I am, I like you, I just don’t express it often.

Oh my complaining boy, you are having a girlfriend like that, childlike, stubborn, headstrong, impulsive! If it’s not like that than am I still myself? But nevertheless, I’m still proud to be an Aries, your Aries girl!

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