I’m not an Aries, just retweet a lovely expression from an Aries girl. It’s lovely, tremendous lovely.

You keep on: “Don’t know why I have a crush on you, you stubborn Aries!”. On that, I shake my head: “Noooo, I didn’t”. But sometimes deep down in my heart, I think: “Can you endure that stubborn forever?”.


To you,

I’m always ready to argue with you all day long about trifling problems like is the lesson they taught today right or wrong, which way to home is shorter, which restaurant is better instead of sitting bashful behind your back and nod in agreement with all your decisions. But not because that I’m harsh, I only do that to get your respect.

I won’t sit still if I accidentally see you go with an another girl, I will jealous, will sulk, will dive you into ton of questions despite all your explainations. Not because I don’t trust you or want to make you sick, just simple because I like you and want you are mine only. But that doesen’t mean I will control you 24/24, I will still let you go playing games or football with your friends, simply I want you to have your own sky, as I want so too.


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