I will do the review based on Microsoft’s web page about Edge here. These are just my personal opinion, if you agree with, I’m glad, if you don’t, I’m sorry, you and I are like fire boy and water girl :).

Let’s go!

First is this:


“Go beyond” – oh, who doesn’t like Buzz Lightyear: “To infinity, and beyond” 🙂 – so Edge will do something that other browsers can’t do right? Any special features I guess? Remember this, we will check it later. 

“for Windows 10” – WHAT ……. THE ……… FUCK??? So I or any of you guys is using Windows 8.1 or earlier can’t use it? SO SUCKS MICROSOFT!!! I know Windows 10 is free (for a year), but do you know we are still using ETHERNET CABLE? (The cable that transfer about 400kbps, with a very old PC, will you give me money so I can upgrade my grandpa-PC?). I don’t have time for this upgrading, and by the way, Windows 10 is not very cool! Actually I did upgrade, but then I went back to Windows 8.1 cause Windows 10 drove my PC crazy.



  1. Modern: of course
  2. fresh look: sure
  3. ultimately familiar design: not really, just flat.
  4. (ultimately) functionality: that’s really not a truth, where are my extensions???

Next one:


“worth a try”- actually I tried it (I did install Windows 10 before), it’s like any normal browser, nothing special, except… (cover this later).

Move forward:


… except “Web Note”, a very nice feature, for those who are sharing post continuously. If you have lots of friends, buy lots of things like: draw a circle a dress and “Let’s buy this”, etc. Edge is for you.  But if you share lots, your One Note will be nothing more than a trash can, really. This feature is cool, but I don’t draw to share!

One more step:


Oh, Cortana? Great, love it! For those who don’t know, Cortana is an artificial intelligence built in Windows Phone, and this is the first time ever it get on Desktop devices.

“makes your life easier with instant search results” – WOW! So Cortana will help bring Wikipedia to you, nice? You still have to read a lengthy page to know more (if you want to know simple, the abbreviation somehow get you the idea already). Oh! Weather? You turn on the computer, turn on Edge to see the weather? Don’t have a smartphone? Poor you! You’re pretty weird buying your Windows 10 PC). Oh! Edge already open? OK, suit yourself, do whatever you like!

I don’t mean this is sucks, but for what Microsoft? FOR WHAT?



Free-distract? So cool! Until you realize it’s not that cool unless you read a lengthy post! Like this post 🙂 Thank you Microsoft! You help me satisfy viewers’ eyes. 



WOW! Pretty fast hah!

Edge is 0.05s faster! Booyah! Thank you Microsoft! It helps me spend 5 minutes a day, that’s pretty awesome! :))

Fewwwwwwww! A long way hah? Congratulations anyone read till here! Thank you for reading! If you find any grammar error, please tell me in the comment below, I really want to know my mistake! And, if you want to discuss more, comment in the comment below too 🙂 Happy breathing!