Create mobile applications and games for iOS, Android, and Ubuntu Touch without any coding required. Now supporting Windows apps.

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MAGE now has over 100 templates and 500+ users and with your help we can make MAGE even better!


MAGE, or Mobile Application Generation Environment, is an easy-to-use product that allows anyone to create a mobile application without any programming simply by loading MAGE in their browser. MAGE is perfect for experienced application creators and beginners alike. Load the creation panel; select a template or work from scratch; add content; select features and build.

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MAGE allows anyone to create gorgeous mobile applications without sacrificing functionality.


The mobile creation environment allows anyone to quickly and easily create a gorgeous mobile application with superior functionality. MAGE allows a user to add content and images as well as incorporate lists, tables, and menus. MAGE also allows an application creator to integrate dynamic content, analytics, and push notifications into their applications by using an online control panel for each created application.

Create Unlimited Apps

There is no limit to the number of apps that you can create using MAGE.


The Goal

The end goal of MAGE is to create an environment that brings all mobile application creation options and outside features under one roof. There are many amazing extra features to complement mobile applications that developers do not add because of the time it takes to add them. MAGE makes this extremely simple, but don’t forget that MAGE’s primary goal is to enable mobile application creation to the highest extent.


The funds provided by you, our backers, will be used to add even more game templates to what we already have (over 100 templates currently) and to finalize the ability to create Windows apps by adding Windows app templates.

How It Works

If you have a website, not a problem if you don’t, the first option will be to enter in your address. MAGE can then pull content (such as images and text) from your website and generate a starter application for you to modify. The application creation panel then allows an application creator numerous options to add text, images, buttons, menus, dynamic content modules, and dozens of other features. Choose from our pre-designed templates to build off of or build an application from scratch. The choice is yours.

Creating Games with MAGE

A lot of feedback we have gotten is for the ability to create games with MAGE. We are happy to respond to these requests with a very positive YES! You will be able to create games with MAGE. Using our games pack and provided templates you will be able to create games. These games will be limited to the templates we provide, but our goal is to continually be providing new templates for our users as MAGE continues to develop and evolve.


MAGE users will have the option of choosing from a set of templates to help them get started creating their mobile application. These templates will be for businesses and individuals alike. We now have over 100 templates available for users. With the ability to publish apps for iOS, Android, Ubuntu Touch, and Windows.

Mobile Control Panel

Each application built using MAGE also gets a mobile control panel that is generated by MAGE. Application creators can access the control panel and use it to change content on the application, push out updates, send push notifications, and monitor analytics.

Dynamic Content

Our dynamic content option allows for an application creator to set a specific area on an application for dynamic content and then set this content through the mobile control panel. This content can be changed at any time from the control panel, and it is instantly reflected across all installed applications.


MAGE has two levels of analytics: basic and advanced. Basic analytics keep track of page views and installs of your applications. Advanced analytics break this data down into much more detailed information, such as time period of views, location of installs, and other useful information.

Push Notifications

MAGE offers push notifications for all applications. The mobile control panel has a scheduling and grouping plug-in built in that allows administrators to schedule when notifications are to be sent as well as whom to send notifications to.

Publishing Your App

Many app creators don’t realize the extra work and effort required to submit their app to their chosen platform’s app store. MAGE takes care of this as well for application creators. We will build your application binary, certify it, and submit it for review. The Google Play Store publishes application within several hours, Apple’s App Store usually takes some time due to their extensive review process.

MAGE in Action

Below are images of the application creation panel and the mobile control panel.

Our Story

The Demski Group is a company focused on innovation and helping to improve businesses and individuals. MAGE was conceived out of the idea of an easier way to create mobile applications without having to pay high prices or sacrificing functionality. Among us, we have a rather extensive background in designing, building, and publishing mobile applications, and it has brought us joy to see our users discover what we have built and use it. We wish to bring that same joy in creating to everyone. The idea for MAGE originally stemmed from the questions of how to get more individuals and businesses exciting about mobile applications and how they can use them to address their needs. Our first thought was to go to more events and trade shows and directly interact with potential customers there; however we didn’t think that a few phones and slides would be all that interesting. Our next idea was to allow individuals to create a mobile application right there on the spot using a laptop or tablet. From this idea, MAGE was born. Originally we were funded by many amazing backers, but we quickly realized that building this kind of platform from the ground up would be very expensive, that’s when we discovered SC. We have since purchased SC and added our own pages, templates, and features to create what is now MAGE. SC is only part of our system, we have also built our own game creation system that generates templates from an easy to use interface. These templates can then be imported into SC and converted to mobile games.

The Team

Andrew – CEO and Chief Developer. With over 10 years of experience in the industry Andrew has worked on hundreds of groundbreaking projects.

Aaron – Social Media, Marketing, and Design. Aaron has a knack for recognizing trends and capitalizing on them. He helped create the original design for MAGE.

Mike – Developer. Creating applications and seeing them in use has always been a joy for Mike, and MAGE is a project he is very passionate about.

Taylor – Designer. With an amazing ability to bring to life the designs people only imagine, Taylor is one of the primary designers for MAGE and his designs will facilitate an easy-to-use user interface.

Seth – Creative. Seth is the ideas guy. When we get stuck on a problem he has no problem pushing the limits and finding a solution.

Kody – Designer. A designer specializing in UI design. Kody has created designs in the past for mobile applications and understands what needs to be done to create conducive user interfaces.

Development Timeline

The original parts of MAGE have been completed and have been released to our previous backers. Now we are looking to finalize the ability to create Windows apps as well as add more game templates and for this we need your help. This should only take a month or two to finish once we get the funds.

Risks and challenges

The risks and challenges faced by the team are minimal. We have already built, tested, and developed the fundamental back-end of MAGE that allows the platform to add in features such as dynamic content, analytics, and push notifications. However, the front-end and synchronized building on multiple platforms still needs to be developed. This could prove to be more challenging and time-consuming than originally anticipated. Our team is experienced with encountering and defeating obstacles and we take each challenge on with vigor.

Fulfillment: As each platform capability is completed and added to MAGE we will send out notifications to each backer so that they can logon and start building their application.

Thank you again, to our wonderful Kickstarter supporters!

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