What is Jailbreak? Briefly it’s help you take highest control over your iDevices (iPhone/iPad/iPod), the same as “root” upon Android devices. This post’ll help you understand its pros and crystal clear Jailbreak misunderstanding.

1. Jailbreak drains battery???

First of all, jailbreak only, no tweaks, no themes installed, … your iDevices is pretty much the same as its origin. And don’t worry about using so many tweaks. With reasonable strategy, tweaking makes your iDevices much more gorgeous, no draining battery, just simple at another level.

2. Afraid using Chinese’s Jailbreak Tools? Or will be locked iCloud, iTunes???

TaiG, Pangu – 2 jailbreak tools from Chinese’s hackers now available for iOS 7.1.x to 9.0.2 (currently 9.2). Actually, millions of Jailbreak fan boy/girl had waited a long time before they can touch their desired jailbreak. You have it now, right in front of your face, so why not?

3. Jailbreak voids warranty?

Maybe some store don’t accept Jailbreak-ed iDevices. However, this warranty is no longer helpful if your iDevices ‘software corrupted. So how to get rid of worrying about losing warranty?:

  • Use iCloud or iTunes to back up any and all personal information that you need to keep safe. The jailbreak has been reported to be working in most cases, but on the off chance something goes wrong, it’s a good idea to have an escape plan. (Also do it regularly will help you void losing data if your lovely iDevices were stolen, or in water,etc.)
  • If your iDevices physically damaged, now we need warranty. Reverting warranty is also very easy, just Restore, it’s as its origin.

4. Why Jail-breaking?

As I said at Section 1, you’ll experience many lovely crazy feature. The thing original iDevices always dream of.

Afraid Home-button damaged?

We have Virtual Home, awesome multitasking gestures tweaks, etc no longer ugly black AssistiveTouch. Close apps, switch apps, lock phone… all in tweak Tage.

Protecting Apps?

You can only lock your screen in original iDevices. Why we need that, if my friend borrow me, of course I have to unlock for him, how about sensitive apps? (you dirty people :D). Thanks to LockDown Pro (using Passcode) and BioProtect (using Touch ID), we can now do it easily, professionally.

bioprotect2          lockdownproios8-4.jpg

Inconvenience 3G (mobile data) toggle only in Settings?

After jailbreking, you can tweak your favorite toggle to appear right in Control Center like CCSettings, FlipControlCenter, Polus


Want your iDevices look differently? Easy, THEMES (Hundreds of it).

4 pictured themes: Aelon, Axla 2, Mustache, Golden.



5. Unlimited Appvn/AppCake

Currently, Appvn, AppCake are being used widely, non-jailbreak devices don’t have access to these wonderful apps. They help:

  • Install apps free: As the title, all work perfectly fine.
  • Large ringtones library: Have you ever in s situation like: you and your friends all use iPhone and when a phone ring, every one look at others and all check their phones? Thanks to Appvn, you can download free and use theme as your ringtone, everybody is freak-kingly happy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯:



I hope everyone now have a right perspective on Jailbreking. You are the author of everything you do, pros-cons is up to you.