Hundreds of TEXT EMOJI, exclusive for Windows only! ¯\(°_o)/¯ o(^▽^)o

1. What is it?

A simple Text Emoji apps right at your fingertips! It has hundreds of emoji, classified for your need: Excited, Love, Kissing, Evil, Dead, Angry, much much more. Support Windows only (for now). All credits from this website! Thanks you (Admin of that site).

2. How to use it?

Very simple, just choose your favorite emoji, and it automatically copy the emoji to your clipboard. You just have to Ctrl + V to paste on your post, comment, whatever, …


  • First box (small one): Categories of all emoji.
  • Second box (big one): Emoji.

3. Why use it?

  • It’s built for every social comments, chats (especially for Facebook), etc.

Build for Facebook

Right at your fingertips!

  • Easy to use, if you move it from the original location (like above). Simple right-click:Want to reset location, easy, built in youtube player, dictionary no

WALA,  click reset to move back to its default location. You may notice YouTube thing, that’s a YouTube player; and the Dictionary is not working now.Youtube

Here’s the YouTube UI, simple, elegant and easy to use (you may understand all of it possibilities, very simple, nothing big deal). If you want to open a Video from YouTube on this app, simply copy the link, it will automatically load the video for you. Simple, right?

Specially, Ctrl + Q and YouTube will pin on your screen, unclickable or click-through. Ctrl + Q again to make it normal again.

4. Let’s try it out! Why not? ~(^з^)-♡

Download here – no install needed – 553kb only (super light).

Happy reading & trying!

Any problems, please don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment below. If you want to support me to perfect this project, contact me in the comment below too. And if you like this post, click the like button, that help me tons. O(≧▽≦)O