This is a way to get directly, illegally from Microsoft web page.

As you know, finding a source provide the latest and the most reliable ISO Windows files now is very difficult due to being secured or deleted from Microsoft’s database.

However, there is still a pretty great way to get these ISO files officially (but illegally). If you interest, follow me 🙂

By default, Microsoft’s Tech Bench web page only provide ISO files of latest Windows version (currently Windows 10). Older versions need Product Key to get access.

Windows 10 ISO Downloads

But, thanks to a blogger Wzor famous for specializing in Windows, we can now get access Windows versions from Windows 7 to Windows 10 the fullest. It’s very simple, just visit Tech Bench web page by Google Chrome or Firefox.

Then press Ctrl + Shift + to open Chrome’s Console or Ctrl + Shift +in Firefox.

Then paste in this script, then Enter to run it.

Pretty much done, now click “X” button (on the new open console) and choose your favorite provided ISO Windows files, then choose Confirm to confirm. 🙂

Confirm Windows Download

Then select your favorite Windows’s language. Then Confirm again.

Now you just click on your favorite Windows architecture (32bit or 64bit) (what a maze Microsoft!) to download.

Bonus, after downloaded, use Windows USB/DVD Download Tool to write your ISO to your USB or DVD to use.

Super simple, right? Just the matter of time! 🙂

Happy reading!

Any problems, please don’t hesitate and ask me in the comment below 🙂