Topic: What do you think are characteristics of a good member of society?

I believe that everyone in a good society agrees at some important characteristics. In this essay I will describe three main characteristics that every good society has.

First and most importantly is self-care. Self-care helps people learn how to take care of themselves. A young boy definitely should be more independent, means know how to use medicine, how to cook, what to do and what don’t, etc. depend on his age. When people become independent, they decrease the burden place on families, friends and society. This characteristic is also the very least base to develop new one as they say: “You can’t help others if you don’t help yourself.”

Second is respect surroundings. It means respect not only the people, but also the norms, the rules, the laws of current society. When you meet an elderly, you bow, when you see a sweeper, you thank him for making your city clean, etc. Respect every good person, as they will respect you in return, and psychologically, people are more connected, more love, more share. When people see a traffic light turns red, they stop, when it’s green, they go; this makes the road safer and eventually, everyone is happy.

Third is willingness to help. People who ship fresh water to no-water districts or stuff like that also help others feel the love. There will be more kind, more love and therefore less crimes for current and future generations. All people, young, old, poor, rich have done many things to help others, whether by money or simply by heart, the society will be much brighter.

Every good member is built by these three base characteristics. Whatever people are, wherever people from, these three will guide them to become a good member.

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